75 days: an interlude

I’ve taken a quick detour tonight from the symphony and arranged my old song, “What a Wonderful Bird the Frog Are” for SATB chorus.

The reason? It’s on the program for the Masterworks Chorale’s May 30 concert, Laughter is the Best Medicine. That’s right, boys and girls (do any girls read this?), I’m having a piece performed.

This may cause alarm in some quarters, given that there seems to be a curse on the performance of my music. Last summer, just the thought of “Dance (for double bass duo and marimba” being performed, and “10. Blake Leads a Walk on the Milky Way” being given a readthrough, was enough to cause Sawyer Theatre at VSU to burst into flame.

And of course we all know how successful William Blake’s Inn has been.

Still, Masterworks is for the moment unaware of any such cosmic impediments, so we’ll just keep quiet and let them learn the piece. The scope of the disaster may expand even further, actually, since we’re also doing P.D.Q. Bach’s The Seasonings on the same program, which means there will be a small baroque orchestra at my disposal.

If you’ve never heard it, here’s the mp3, and here’s the PDF file of the solo version. (You can see the rest of the Frog Songs here.)

Now I even have time to work on III. Allegro gracioso for a while. Comment productif!

4 thoughts on “75 days: an interlude

  1. ” (do any girls read this?)”
    Perhaps one or two on occasion and likely there are more–one never knows.

  2. It’s related to what I call the eternal Captain Beefheart query: why don’t more chicks dig our music?

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