81 days

I think I’m stuck. I diddled around with the agitato motif, just scribbling down anything that came to mind, not stopping to flesh anything out. I didn’t get very far, although there were some possibilities among the bits.

I tried wedging the sweet variation from yesterday into the development, but it’s not really going in there. Now I have to get it out of there. Dang computers.

Perhaps it’s time to focus on the third movement for a while, just get away totally from the Lento and come back to it with fresh ears later. I’m thinking really a month or so.

How weird is our political discourse? The most sensible thing said about the whole Obama/Wright episode was said by Mike Huckabee, who said a couple of sensible things: a) it’s foolish to hold parishioners responsible for what their pastor says; b) preachers don’t always stick to their prepared notes and therefore extemporize things that they later look back on with wild surmise; c) you need to “cut some slack for people who grew up being called names.” Astonishing, no? But sensible.

3 thoughts on “81 days

  1. Me, I want to disown somebody. Can I just pick anybody? Is it easy to do? I just say, “I disown you,” right?

  2. I hadn’t heard those quotes. Good stuff. His case was what I thought was one of the more interesting chasms between what “was” and what “was perceived/reported”. The caricature the media reported and the person I heard speak were VERY different people. I did not vote for him, but I found him to be articulate and surprisingly moderate. The media will never report someone that says “Jesus” as often as him is either. That being said, it was the constant integration of his faith into his politics that made me vote for someone else, but I didn’t need to media’s hack job to make that decision for me.

  3. I always found him completely sane when he wasn’t compaigning. It was his social positions that scuppered him for me.

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