95 days: Busy, busy

A preview of what I have on my plate tonight:

  • cooking supper
  • paying bills, planning my finances for the next few months
  • putting together a video of our hearing-impaired students saying the Pledge of Allegiance for Friday morning’s announcements, complete with closed-captioning for those who are not hearing-impaired
  • my exposé of me for over at lichtenbergian.org
  • a job description of the GHP media position, plus communicating with our three applicants, which I should have done over the weekend
  • laying out the program for this weekend’s concert of Fauré’s Requiem, if I get the rest of the info from Bizarth
  • writing letters of reference for some GHP instructors
  • perhaps some work on the symphony

I’ll have updated results later.

later: I got the first three done. Cras melior est.

6 thoughts on “95 days: Busy, busy

  1. As you’re talking to the media applicants, try to establish (A) how tight his butt is, and, (B) if he’s emotionally fragile as a result of being on the rebound and will thus fall into the arms of the first (apparently) stable man he meets.

    I suggest subtlety when inquiring about these points.

  2. Stable?


    Where are these stables located? By the PE complex?



  3. Or:

    Why settle for a stable man when you can have a stable boy. (rimshot)

    (I think I’m beating a dead horse; I’ll stop)

    Yes, I noted use of “apparently.”

  4. Rimshots…in the stable…come on, people, somebody go there. We are poised to sink to a whole new level. I won’t do all the work.

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