98 days, part III

I worked all morning, then drove to Lenox to find a tux shirt. On the way I listened to my latest efforts, and these are the notes I scribbled on the way up and back:

  • + bassoon to RR echo (ended up not necessary)
  • stronger minor [chord] after duet (it’s a major chord; see below)
  • extend duet? (not yet, but I may still)
  • + woodw to 2nd [building phrase] (not today, but I will)
  • downbows on 2nd [building phrase] (done)
  • string pad for duet? (haven’t tried it yet)
  • A major m. before D7 m.? (did that, it worked)
  • continue Eng. horn to B (did that, it worked)
  • alt. up and downbow on 3rd [building phrase] (done)
  • extra E major m. [after duet] (did that, will double-check it)
  • 1/2 notes for Grandiose brass [chorale] (tried it, discarded it)

And with that, my next bit of work will be the minor agitato section: extend that and get us back to the Grand Recapitulation of the Rachmaninov Ripoff™ theme.

You may recall a gentle, wistful version of the agitato theme. I think that’s actually going to be the coda of this whole thing: a lullaby to put it all to bed, only with one final chordal sequence to swell to double forte, of course.

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