100 days

I have a widget counting down the days to GHP and hence to the day that I might be reasonably expected to turn over a score to Stephen Czarkowski for a summer performance.

It now says 100 days and some odd hours/minutes.


I know, I’ll begin a hysterical daily countdown post. Sort of like the 365 project, only really really neurotic and probably not as entertaining, unless you like watching a fellow Lichtenbergian melt down.

14 thoughts on “100 days

  1. Some Macs are more equal than others.

    Let the meltdown begin. I’ll get the popcorn ready.

    When the hell is our website going to go up?

  2. Cosmo just named the Top Place to Meet a Man in the latest edition.

    The Apple Store.

  3. You know, home recording is absurdly easy. After my saxophone student left, I started fiddling in Garageband with my horn. Put down piano track with my keyboard, put in a funk loop, recorded the horn via built-in microphone (with a not shabby frequency response), put in a bass line with keyboard, fiddled with compression (to get some nice bass drum thump among other things), EQ, reverb, other fun options, and boom: background music good enough for the Food Network. IN NO TIME. It’s a little frightening.

  4. I wasn’t planning on coming to visit this year, but if your piece is being performed I might try and make it.

  5. JB, to save embarrassment in the future: never riposte with someone else’s ironic rejoinder.

    And what’s wrong with the Food Network?

  6. Surely you watched something besides Thunder Cats when you were a tike. The Cooking Show may be, along with the live broadcast of actual dramas and the Carol Burnett Show, one of the few truly good television contributions to our cultural life. You do cook, right? Something besides maize?

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