Two quick thoughts

Two quick things before I get back to work:

Rumor has reached me that our conductor, upon receiving the first 30 measures of IV. Lento, swore oaths. I may have written uplayable stuff. Oh well.

Back at the beginning of this unbegun symphony, there’s a bedrock motif I have in mind for the first movement. It’s important that the symphony start with this bedrock motif. This morning, I’ve been playing with some major key versions of the agitato theme for the ending, and it suddenly occurred to me that the bedrock motif fits beautifully over the major agitato theme, meaning I can wind up the symphony by overlaying the original theme over the end in some glorious finale.

Mere coincidence? I think not.

Back to work.

4 thoughts on “Two quick thoughts

  1. Something like…dah dum…In the…town of Bedrock…it’s a place right out of his…to…ry….Something like that?

  2. Yeah, but it’s FROM the town of Bedrock, man! THEY’RE A PAGE right out of history. Get your pop culture refs CORRECT! You’re trodding on my pre-school memories.

  3. I said “something like that.”
    I hope deep Oedipal rage drove you to Google the lyrics to make ab-solutely sure.
    It’s mercury levels in the fish. I hang on to the gist, though.

  4. As the one who delivered the manuscript to the conductor, I can confirm that the oaths are no mere rumor.

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