IV. Lento, moving forward

Or at least trying to move forward.

I started a passage, picking up where I left off yesterday, starting in the low strings and building up that four-note opening theme (C D Eb B nat., if you’d like to toy with it), bringing each layer of strings in every measure at a higher iteration, continuing the counterpoint in previous voices, adding woodwinds as we go, rounding out a four-measure phrase with a descending chromatic passage, bringing in the trumpet with the agitato motif beneath, continuing with the brass doing the same thing, more and more instruments, more and more tension, bringing back the 32nd-note sextuplets, until finally the entire orchestra is shrieking, running into the brick wall of that descending chromatic pattern, exhausted and shrill.

Well, that’s the theory, anyway. I got the first four measures done.

In other news, I’m screwed. The external hard drive which contained all my Final Cut Pro files for the GHP parent orientation video died. It is gone, and I’m more than a little reluctant to spend the $200 it would take to retrieve what amounts to one CD’s worth of files.

That means I can’t edit/update the video for 2008. It means I have to rebuild the file in Final Cut Express with just narration and graphics, unless I can find some photos of the summers gone by. Perhaps Flickr might be of some assistance?

It also means I’m going to be reshooting video all summer. However, my plan is to have either my school and/or GHP buy a cool little Flip video camera to do it with.

3 thoughts on “IV. Lento, moving forward

  1. I sent out a call for help via our Yahoo student email groups. My chief hope in last year’s group is wunderkind Aimee Garcia who, of course, assembled a slide show for our department. I emailed her and gave your address.

  2. Thanks, Marc. I have most of the other departments now, but having some theatre stuff would be cool. I know Nadine was a photo phreak, so I know I’ll get some stuff from her as well.

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