Lichtenbergian domain

So what do we want for our Lichtenbergian domain name?

Jeff wants, although I’m going to suggest we go with .org (with .com pointing to it).

I have a fondness for or just, both of which are available.

There’s also, which I’m so confident is available I’m not even going to check.

Thoughts and suggestions? As soon as we pick one, I can have the whole thing up and running in about 48 hours.

17 thoughts on “Lichtenbergian domain

  1. I am personally a fan of, though any of the above options are fine with me.

  2. I really think we should have Lichtenberg’s name in there somewhere, so I’ll go with would be my second choice.

    And have you decided what Assignment L.08.01 is, or are we open to give any response? Do you want us to give a solution or just discuss art in a society that has such a problem?

  3. In usual Lichtenbergian fashion, you can respond to the document in any way you like. I’ve done an art thing using Photoshop that if you were to demand it, I could not necessarily explain the connection.

  4. I abstain. So long as we have a website, that’s good enough. All these proposed URL names sound good.

    I’m digging the blackboard thing. I’ve already doodled around on it.

  5. seems to tickle my fancy today.

    My tendency to skim and my vanishing memory prompt me to ask: blackboard thing?

    Sorry to have to be the one you all drag along.

  6. The blackboard thing is a thing I invited Jeff to try out before we all piled in. Everyone else will be on board probably by later today.

  7. ‘Tis done. I have registered and should have it all up and running in a couple of days, depending on when Noah gets me set up.

    In other news, expect email from Backpack and Writeboard inviting you to share the pages I’ve set up. You’ll have to set up a free Backpack account, if you haven’t already.

  8. I wish to compose a post for our official site, but I lack a password, DALE!

    Let me give you all the gist so’s you can get ready to fill in the blanks. (I shoot nothing but blanks, in truth.) On the other hand, it might actually be funnier (yes, sorry JB, I’m still going to try) to wait.

    Password and Passward, please, DALE!

  9. The official site, as opposed to the short-lived blog at Blogspot, is not up yet. I sort of expected Noah to get it up last night, but perhaps his real life intervened. (Waiting patiently for the snark…)

  10. I have now read the actual comments to your “question” at blogspot and am caught up. You now understand from earlier comment why I posted above ridiculous comment. Oh well. I was going to improvise a “Greetings from the Aphorist,” but now I have to wait and so can’t put off going to the grocery store. But at least allow me to jot down two sample aphorisms I came up with for my “greetings” before I forget them.

    There must be room in this world both for people with Ideas AND people with Better Ideas.

    The Philosopher must accept that he is addressing two kinds of people: those who demurely wonder at what level of irony he is operating and those who are busy congratulating themselves because everyone said they liked the bean dip.

    The second one could also be: …those who demurely wonder at what level of irony he is operating and those secretly proud and wishing to be congratulated for microwaving more bean dip.

  11. I came up with an aphorism while trying to explain what the hell it is we’re doing in the Lichtenbergian Society–do we really even know?–to my wife. She didn’t understand the concept of helping each other to procrastinate. To which I explained, “It should be the goal of any Lichtenbergian to become less Lichtenbergian.”

  12. In our annals we will need to compile a whole section entitled “Explanations for the Missus.” An excellent beginning!

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