Lichtenbergian Seal

Wow! Look at this!

This is too cool! Mike Funt tinkered with yesterday’s successive approximation and came up with this. I wonder if my online store has car magnets.

10 thoughts on “Lichtenbergian Seal

  1. I just ordered my mug!

    Love the thong.

    Does the back of the t-shirts say “Tomorrow is better?”

  2. I tried to get “Tomorrow is better” on the back of the t-shirts, but no matter what size I made the original image, CafePress wouldn’t let me use it. I’ll try again later.

  3. All right, “Tomorrow is better” is now on the regular white t-shirt. Warning: this makes it $3.00 more than the already (I think) high price. I’ve left the phrase off the backs of everything else (and a back image is not available on the economy shirt.)

    Let me know if you want it added to any of the other shirts.

  4. My mug and boxer shorts are on the way.

    BTW, there’s a $1 margin on all the products; that “profit” will go to our charitable efforts.

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