Some work

Spent some time getting Day in the Moonlight back in my head, and then I buckled down to write something, anything.

I played with a melody that I thought might work better for the opening of “Sheer Poetry,” but I decided to stick with the old one.

Then I worked on a bridge passage for “Sheer Poetry,” but that ended up not fitting that song, so I turned my attention to the other projected numbers. The phrase I had written sounded like a ballad, but at the moment there don’t seem be any ballads in the lineup. This is a serious flaw that Mike needs to fix ASAP, I’m tellin’ ya.

At any rate, I ended up writing the lyrics for a couple of verses for what used to be called “We’ll Run Away” but is now entitled “Dream Land.” The gist of it is that when Garrison and Elizabeth elope, their married life is going to be absolutely perfect… in Dream Land.

In Dream Land I will wake you up
with a cup
of coffee or two
Then I’ll head off to my den to write
a great new play for you to star in

In Dream Land I will keep the house
as a spouse
is delighted to do
Then I’ll head off to learn my lines
in that great new play by you I star in

Life’s good
as it should be,
Everything’s peaches and cream,
xxx in
Dream Land.

Now off to read my Tolstoy. B&N still doesn’t have the new translation. They have fourteen copies “on order.” Feh.

2 thoughts on “Some work

    In Dream Land you’ll tool me ‘round
    all over town
    in our DeSoto sedan
    Then we’ll stop for a picture or two
    as we wave to the crowd at the theatre

    In Dream Land I will take your hand
    as we stand
    at the curtain
    Then we’ll blush ever so modestly
    as they all stand and cheer

    Life’s good
    as it should be,
    Everything’s peaches and cream,
    That’s where we’ll be,
    you and me
    here in Dream Land.

  2. I defer to your expertise. My list of suggested songs was simply a collection of thoughts that I had. If you feel the need for a ballad, by all means, put one in…or an eighties pop opening number like “One Night in Bangkok.” You can put one of those in there too.

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