7 thoughts on “Aieeee! Run away!

  1. This makes me laugh. There’s a little customized circle of hell waiting for all of us, Dale. Unless you unlock the puzzle of righteousness/grace/kharma/crystals, Dale, this is what yours looks like. That, and an eternity of designing McDonald’s menus for America First week.

  2. Oh. My. God. I just returned to the site and actually watched the video.

    I am unclean. I must perform the ritual ablutions.

  3. Hey wait–I got the righteousness, the grace, and the kharma things all figured out. I have to do crystals too?


    ::opening up InDesign and getting to work on those menus, using this site as inspiration::

  4. I came across it via the Fug Girls, whose site I entirely recommend as daily reading, and when I clicked on the link, it loaded and began blaring its music over my speakers, so I muted it and closed the window as soon as I allowed its grand awfulness to wash over me.

    I returned to the site simply to confirm my first impressions. I am not gay. I only have a wide stance. A really really wide stance.

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