Future me

Remember this post?

I certainly didn’t until I got email from myself today. As promised, futureme.org allowed me to email my future self to check up on me.

So how have I done?

  • shepherd A Visit to William Blake’s Inn to a stage. It would give me great pleasure not to have to be in charge of this, but I know that’s what’s going to happen.
    • Well, we know how that one turned out. Brave attempt, total integrity. No backing.
  • get Lacuna jumpstarted, with its own domain and website.
    • We did that. What we’re doing now is another story.
  • make great strides towards starting and finishing A Day in the Moonlight for Mike Funt.
    • I’m still working on this, and I think I can get a lot of it done by Christmas.
  • compose at least one movement of my symphony.
    • Probably not going to happen, although if I can get a lot done on Moonlight, I might take a stab at sketching a movement out in December, thus making it just under the wire.
  • get the Newnan Crossing 100 Book Club off the ground and functioning.
    • It’s functioning, but not at the level I’d like. Still, it’s functioning.

So what’s my score? One yes, one maybe, one meh, one probably not, one absolute no. I am not impressed.

5 thoughts on “Future me

  1. Well, I’m impressed, even if you ain’t. Ambition is no grievous fault, in spite of what Marcus Antonius may have said.

  2. You should see my list if you are not impressed with what you have done. Getting out of bed everyday to turn on the computer is on the list – no kidding. So we all have different goals. Maybe not being satisfied with what we have done can be a good thing.

  3. I’m trying to get up in the morning and not go to the computer. Ah, what a patchwork quilt we are.

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