A depressing list

Articles like this one are always depressing to me. I know I will never read even a tenth of the books listed, and that makes me sad.

I’d love to hear which ones fascinated you, or even if you’ve read any of them! (I’ve read one of them, actually.)

Make sure you click through to Part Two. The link is at the beginning of the article, so you have to scroll all the way back up.

4 thoughts on “A depressing list

  1. Hoban’s Riddley Walker, seen the series The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Blackwood’s The Complete John Silence Stories (yes, really), Alasdair Gray, but not the one mentioned, O’Connor’s AGMHtoF, Ballard, but not the one mentioned, Boyd, but, again, a different title. Not many, I’m afraid, but I’m just a poseur, anyway. A good reference list for when you’re pouring over the discount bins at Hastings, not that you’ll actually get lucky. Might have more luck fishing for used books on the Internet.

  2. That “Anonymous” is me, BTW. Sorry, I was briefly on the dreaded IE, which fails to recognize all my passwords and logins from Mozilla.

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