I Would Never (Day 359/365)

Up early this morning so that the painters can come finish the hall and Grayson’s bathroom, and I worked on verses:

Dissociative disorder Delores [thanks, Marc!]
Offered multiple ways to have fun.
When she sang it was always a chorus,
But then she would flourish a gun.

Romanian gymnast Ivana
Had many intriguing techniques.
But then she would take a banana and
Put you off of fruit salad for weeks.

Then there’s the lovely Vanessa,
a scrumptious, delectable dream:
Every time I’d begin to caress her
She’d grab both her buttocks and scream.

I thought I could love Amaryllis,
A waitress I stumbled upon,
But then she would give me the willies
when she followed me into the john.

I need to write actual music for this, but Roger-the-guy-who-fixes-the-air-conditioning is on vacation this week, so I’d have to drag all my stuff down from the study and set it up. I may do that next week if he’s not available soon.

By the way, the big finish will be a huge catalog of names, like a cadenza in a concerto, ending with

[huge catalog]
Leilani, Lolita, Letitia, and Lou,
Ula and Uma and Ursula, too:
For though they were total emotional wrecks,
And never forgetting the excellent sex,
I’d never, no never, (What, never?, Well, hardly ever…) disparage an ex.

3 thoughts on “I Would Never (Day 359/365)

  1. One of those stanzas actually made me laugh out loud. It would do my reputation no good at all to admit as to which…

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