Things to do (Day 341/365)

Tired of getting nothing done, and yet not up to the sustained effort required to write music or lyrics, I headed over to my super-secret website, Things to Do Before You’re 60, and made a concerted effort towards my goal of contributing 25 items to the list this summer.

I wrote ten, which is pretty good. I do wonder about Mike, the coworker from Newnan Crossing who talked me into this. Where has he been all summer? He probably lost the URL or his password. I should email him.

Oh, you want a list?

  • Travel to another country
  • Keep a journal
  • Give someone a surprise party
  • Develop an expertise
  • See Casablanca
  • Be alone
  • Read children’s books
  • Learn some constellations
  • Streak
  • Read a great classic
  • Write a thank you note

This is not as easy as it looks.

Here’s something else that’s not as easy as it looks: writing 100 facts about yourself. Try it. I have started a list, somewhere on my computer, and even including things which I would never tell anyone else, I’m only up to 73.

24 days to go.

2 thoughts on “Things to do (Day 341/365)

  1. On the matter of your co-author’s unavailability, maybe you need to amend your title to Things to Do Before You’re Sixty if You’re Bi-Polar.

    I think somewhere at home I’ve got Brian Eno’s list of 100 facts if it will be any help…

  2. I think the hardest thing about the 100 Things is that you want it to be a Statement, if not an outright Manifesto. If someone reads my list, you think, they should get me. So you hesitate to put dumb stuff in there.

    For instance, I’ve put William Blake on the list, because that’s pretty major, but what about “Dance”? (Which, by the way, is on the program for Prism II next Friday!)

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