Last day of goofing off (Day 316/365)

No, honest, this is it. From here on out, I will have something to show for most days. Probably.

It’s the Friday of the first full week of GHP, and the faculty always celebrates in the lobby after minors. (The fact that we actually have to work Saturday morning is irrelevant.) It’s great to see everyone relaxing, snacking, talking, and in general having a great Pan-Dimensional Mouse of a time.

There was nothing on the calendar for the evening, which meant that technically after supper I should have had hours and hours to sit down in my apartment here and work on something. But you know what? Celebration of a task well-accomplished is too important to shut down.

Not only that, but for me to have come into my apartment and closed my door in order to get work done would have been seen as a serious exclusion of my happy faculty. Some would begin to worry about me, damned blues, while others would have been offended that I didn’t care to party with them.

I might have left my door open, but that’s the sign that anyone is welcome to barge in and meet/talk/play. I’m one of those people who take a good 20 minutes to get into the flow, and who among us believes that flow would happen with intermittent interruptions of happy faculty?

So I bagged it all and had a good time with my faculty. Tomorrow is another day, and I know that the happy faculty will either be going home, going to a movie, or taking long naps. I can work then, after I take my nap.

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