Love song (Day 309/365)

Aha! I did something today.

I could not bear posting yet again what a sluggard I was, so I forced myself to go for a walk around the Magic Square (that’s where we PDM live) and work on the lyrics for at least one song for A Day in the Moonlight.

I had had an idea for “The Love Song of Thurgood J. Proudbottom” recently that I thought I’d use to get me started: Thurgood and Alexandra are in the garden, hiding from their children, and it’s the occasion for Thurgood to sing to her. I am seeing a steamy tango, which the two dance.

After a very steamy walk around the Magic Square, I’ve made a start:

You’ll never know how much I love you
(if I can help it).
Every day and every night you’re on my mind
(I wish you’d move it.)
And… something something something
(like a pig in velvet)
‘Cause people say that love is blind
(And this should prove it.)

There: the start of a first verse. I’ve done something creative. Now I’m going to do something relaxing.

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