D-4 (Day 269/365)

After working on set crew stuff today (I got the angel wings cut and painted; the suitcases painted; the tortoise electrical systems and wheels done; and the chair rails on the walls), I headed over to Wadsworth Auditorium for our chorus brushup.

The theory was that we’d gather together our octet, who has not met since January 10’s First Look, and go over the music to remind ourselves what it sounded like. That was the theory.

Unfortunately, as our friend Tommy Eliot says:

Between the idea
And the reality
Between the motion
And the act
Falls the Shadow

We were missing Anne, Denise, and Mike, and that put a hole in the proceedings. We struggled through, and I know we’ll be OK, but it was still frustrating. I guess I’m beginning to stress out about Thursday. It has become a big deal, garnering all kinds of excitement and commitment, and now I want it to look as good as I know we can make it.

Ah well. Excelsior.

96 days to go.

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