Set crew (Day 267/365)

I bought what I hope is the last round of supplies for set crew, and after I got home I made myself go to the backyard and work.

I got the suitcases framed together, and I got all the Toast Head fronts and backs taped to the construction paper. Tomorrow morning I’ll finish the right sides, then glue the foam together, after cutting the remaining foam.

The lawnmower repair place had called to say that our lawnmower was ready, so I walked over to get it. On the way back I passed the new sewing place on Madison St., so I whipped on in there. The owner, Cindy Roberson, was thrilled at the prospect of being our costuming resource. And upstairs, she has an actual costume shop. It was everything the second floor of Manget-Brannon or Johnson Hardware was ever supposed to be. And she wants us to use it.

How’s that for pieces of the puzzle falling into place?

98 days to go.

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