Even more blog (Day 239/365)

Today I really got going on the 100 Book Club blog. I tested out two browsers that are still being maintained for the old PPC Macs (iMacs and G3s), running OS 9.2, but which will display the CSS/PHP of the Drupal software correctly.

A beautiful thing, indeed, when those 10-year-old computers rise to the occasion and still outclass the 3-year-old Dells sitting next them. (The Dells are running M%&$%soft Internet Explorer, and bless their hearts, nothing about Explorer is standards-compliant.)

The kids are beginning to get sucked into the whole blog thing, although I think the overwhelming majority of them still don’t get the process. That’s OK. I have time.

Other than that, I’ve been plotting courses to and from the hotel to all the places we need to go and engraving them in my Moleskine NYC notebook. God help us if any of the subway lines are closed.

We fly out tomorrow morning. I’ll try to blog while we’re away, but who knows what the internet situation will be like.

In the meantime, go look at PuppetBuilding.com and steal some ideas.