Lost early weekend (Day 224 & 225/365)

I had to go to Valdosta yesterday and just got back today, so I’m claiming travel as an excuse for not having done anything.

I got back this afternoon and had email from the Coweta Arts Tidbits that said Andy Denney was playing at the coffee shop, so I decided to have a couple of martinis and head on over. So here I am sitting with Michelle Morgan and Enrique Lopez, of all people, catching up on everyone’s lives.

But creative? Other than nailing down some issues to make sure that we won’t have the same problems this summer that we had last summer, i.e., we’ll have brand new ones, I’ve not really done anything. Bought some lime-infested vodka, which I mixed with gin to see if would make a palatable martini, and it does, I’ve done nothing productive.

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