Begging for bucks

Do me a favor and give me money.

Well, not me per se, but the American Cancer Society. I’m on Newnan Crossing’s Relay for Life team, and in fact, I’m being forced to be Mr. Relay. Apparently my predecessor created quite a splash with his Daisy Dukes and feather boa. Since I have no nascent urges to play out, I have made it clear to my team that I will make a splash by wearing my professional attire, i.e., my Utilikilt and a Hawaiian shirt, viz.:

Dale in his kilt, GHP 2006 This is the first time I have participated in Relay for Life, which is not to my credit. And of course the reason I’m doing it now is that I owe it to my friend Mitch Powell, who died of lung cancer last November, and to his wife Anne, who is a survivor of ovarian cancer.

The way it works (this is where you come in) is that members of each team attempt to raise money on their behalf. Go to my team webpage, and click on the Donate to a Participant link on the left.

Thank you in advance for supporting Mr. Relay.

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  1. I am truly amazed by all of the love and support you have for your friend and his wife and for all the people out there suffering from this horrible disease and i iappreciate you being involved in this organization for such a great cause

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