Stuck on sunflowers (Day 219/365)

I worked again today on the sunflower waltz (as well as continuing work on documents associated with the May 3 performance), and I’m stuck. It just sounds bloated.

Maybe I just need to scrape it all away and try again, and this time trust my instincts to make it smaller and lighter. It can still sound Straussian (J.) without sounding Straussian (R.).

Yesterday, I guess because I donated to the American Friends Service Committee, I received their Quaker Action magazine. Nice small publication, and in the middle of it was a pullout sign:

For Peace

You can write some kind of ID on it, take a photo of you with it, and upload it to their website, Simple enough, and not nearly enough. Sort of the antiwar version of a “Support Our Troups” ribbon on your SUV.

Still, one does what one can.

Composer for peace

Do what you can. I think I shall put mine in my van window.

Update: You can see it posted here.

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