Moving forward (Day 216/365)

Amazingly I was quite creative today.

At school, I finished the hearing impaired morning announcement video. Everyone thinks I’m just grand to have accomplished it, and I guess Final Cut Express looks impressive enough to dazzle most people. Actually, I did do a good job with it. It looks very nice.

I received confirmation that the Cultural Arts Commission is in agreement to help us out with William Blake, although I think their support at this point is still a little fuzzy. No matter, it’s enough to move forward with. I called and confirmed the dates of April 29-May 3 for rehearsals and performance at Wadsworth Auditorium. I am to write a letter to the mayor and city council referencing the Cultural Arts Commision and Global Achievers and our ties to Scotland, asking for a waiver of all fees for the space.

Bette Hickman, our intrepid producer, wants to make it open to the public, and I had come to the same conclusion. This could be a really big thing.

I got email done to all our participants, informing them of our new successive approximations.

I got a couple more measures of the Sunflower Waltz scored.

I worked on the official proposal for the Cultural Arts Commission.

I created Lacuna stationery.

I started a storyboard for Sun & Moon Circus.

That should be enough, don’t you think?

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