Second chorus night (Day 155/365)

Tonight we met again, Marc, Mary Frances, and I, to go over the music. It was most helpful.

We decided that I needed to write at least some music to play under the Epilogue, while we did a choral reading of it. This was after deciding that the Epilogue was pretty necessary to complete the work. I guess I can do that in the van on the way to Greensboro this weekend.

I sent out a memo to the whole octet, outlining the notes and decisions about each piece that they need to be aware of before we meet next Tuesday.

I sent out email invitations to the Newnan Crossing staff, media specialists, and GHP folk. I got an email from an elementary music teacher whose media specialist had shown her the invite, asking if she could forward it to all the other music teachers. Sure, I said.

Have I mentioned that the dance studio has no chairs?

One thought on “Second chorus night (Day 155/365)

  1. A correction. Newnan School of Dance has ten plastic patio chairs, with a possibility of a few more in a shed in the back (I have to check). But yes, more chairs will be needed. It’s a dance studio, so there’s little need for sitting.

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