Goals for the new year (Day 153/365)

A new year. ::sigh:: I wasn’t through with the old one yet.

So what will I accomplish this year? I will

  • shepherd A Visit to William Blake’s Inn to a stage. It would give me great pleasure not to have to be in charge of this, but I know that’s what’s going to happen.
  • get Lacuna jumpstarted, with its own domain and website.
  • make great strides towards starting and finishing A Day in the Moonlight for Mike Funt, who after reading my blog realizes that he’s a selfish bastard.
  • compose at least one movement of my symphony.
  • get the Newnan Crossing 100 Book Club off the ground and functioning.

That should be enough, right?


Here’s something to do for New Year’s Day (and which I will do right after posting this): Go to FutureMe.org and email your future self. You write yourself an email and have it sent at a future date which you choose. I did that as I was writing the penguin opera in early 2004, catching up with myself after the deadline for submitting it to the Köln Opera competition. I asked myself whether I had ended up finishing the piece. It was a great feeling to be able to recognize that I had in fact composed a 45-minute children’s opera.

So what I’ll do in a minute is send this post to myself on October 8, a teacher workday, and see how well I’m doing as this year winds down. Expect a post about that.

2 thoughts on “Goals for the new year (Day 153/365)

  1. I don’t necessarily hold with the “solitary heroic man” theory of production history. I’m a big proponent of producing organizations and collective action. No need to put the cart before the horse with your concern for who with “shepard” the production. In our system we are interested until proven indifferent, not the other way around. Relax.

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