Prep work (Day 147/365)

Today I designed a postcard invitation for the First Look at William Blake on Jan. 10. I also snagged a second tenor for the octet singing the work.

I’m beginning a discussion with myself about advertising the First Look before the fact, in effect inviting the public. On my official invite list are members of Lacuna, members of Masterworks, friends and relatives, and others who mght have something to do with the eventual production. But how many of those can/will show up, I have no idea. I would hate to have fewer people in the audience than are singing!

Is it sensible to invite the public? Might we not get some interested/talented folk who would be good to have on board? Input is welcome.

One thought on “Prep work (Day 147/365)

  1. My reading as a singer and my reading as an instrumentalist are…of diverse complexions. If the First Look is to be a public feeding, I for one would like just a leeeetle more rehearsal. Just a leeeetle.

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