A little progress, and a connection (Day 117/365)

I got back to work on Milky Way today, hacking my way through the rat’s sullen complaining. If I can adhere to some kind of schedule, I should be through with this piece by next weekend. Then it’s just Make Way and Tale of the Tailor for orchestration. (Marmalade Man was conceived in practically full orchestration already. Piece of cake.)

I have not posted any updated mp3s for that.

Tonight, I went to Amazon to find a book of poetry of Nancy Willard’s called In a Salt Marsh, a poem from which was sent by Knopf Poetry as part of its April Poetry Month emails this past spring. While I was there, I looked at some of her other books, and there was one from last year of which I had been unaware. It’s called Sweep Dreams, and it’s illustrated by Mary GrandPré.

First of all, of course, Mary GrandPré is the illustrator of the American editions of Harry Potter, but more than that, she is the sister of Tom GrandPré, aka Captain Shubian himself. Can we all say Six Degrees?

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