Small stuff (Day 108/365)

Because of social commitments in the evening, I was limited to two small things today.

One was the realization that the software I use to convert the .aiff file (Finale’s output) to .mp3 could probably add the reverb back in. It did, and now the Milky Way .mp3 file sounds a little more lush.

The other is sort of a continuation of something I started to do last spring when Lacuna was active. The New York Times constantly has theatre and dance reviews, of course, and often they have very exciting photos to go with them. Today I re-started my plan of clipping photos which have particularly interesting picturization or staging.

These go into a plastic bin (gracias, Twyla Tharp) which is my William Blake repository. When we start working on the production, these will serve as a kind of resource well, ideas to expand our ideas about what can be done on stage. One thing I thought we could do as a warmup is to draw a photo randomly and recreate it in 30 seconds.

This is the kind of thing I am clipping:

Lar Lubovich shot

This is a Lar Lubovich dance piece. And this…

Adams opera

…is a new John Adams/Robert Wilson collaboration.

Oh, and there’s a third thing. Mr. Joe Crain was at the social function I attended last night, and he’s given his OK of our use of the old theatre side of the Manget-Brannon building. Anyone want to start meeting? (I still have to make a few phone calls.)

One thought on “Small stuff (Day 108/365)

  1. What do you mean “Lacuna was active?” Lacuna is active. Lacuna lives! It lives! It will forever live on in the hearts on children everywhere! The Lacuna site is chocked full of stuff made by tireless and diligent happy little elves.

    Adams/Wilson, huh. So eventually everybody who’s anybody is going to work with Robert Wilson. Who ever thought we he was stacking his little KA Mountain rocks in the Iraqui desert that it would come to this…

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