No composition (Day 104/365)

Even though I didn’t write a single note today, it was still a creative day.

The Masterworks Chorale sang a little Christmas program on the Court Square this afternoon, and after it was over, Ginny and I were chatting with friends. On the spur of the moment we decided we needed to get together for dinner, and we mapped out who was bringing what.

I did the shrimp and grits, from a recipe from Natalie Dupree’s Shrimp & Grits cookbook, as well as cornbread. It was fun getting all that ready for preparation and having it come together: ready at the same time, cooked well, and delicious.

It’s fun to cook for friends and have plenty of wine/champagne and good food. It’s fun to have friends who can share and talk and laugh and be together.

That’s my creativity for the day: creating a meal around which friends can be together.

UPDATE: The other users on the Finale forums do not give me much hope about improving my playback. Even if the new MacBook Pros have more memory, the piece of the puzzle that is problematic is the Kontakt Player. Kontakt is a gigantic sequencer; Kontakt Player is a little version that other programs (like Finale) use to suck up sounds like Garritan Personal Orchestra for their own use. It seems that Kontakt Player has not been updated to work correctly on the Mac’s new use of Intel chips. (Intel Native, we call it.) In other words, even though Finale works fine on the new computers, Kontakt does not and has to be run under Apple’s emulator program, called Rosetta. Still slow, and still not good enough.

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