Nothing (Day 99/365)

Today was Masterworks Chorale, so I guess I can count that, but otherwise it was a day of voting and worrying.

After Masterworks, Ginny and I went to Mike McGraw’s post-election party. By the time we got there, there was no suspense, alas. Despite the fact that most people in the nation seem to have tumbled to the Republican Party’s bottom-feeding nature, the Third District chose to send our particular plecostomous back.

I think if I were in charge of Democratic messaging, my main point would be, “If you re-elect Republicans, they will keep doing the same things.” And then list those same things: cut income for necessary government spending while borrowing money to pay for increased government spending; support a unitary executive without question or oversight; support disastrous foreign policy; indulge in rampant cronyism and incestuous lobbyists; and push a Taliban-like socioreligious agenda.

But that’s just me.

After giving Mike (and Renee) our condolences, we went home, and I went to bed. I couldn’t watch the election returns. I just couldn’t. I would have to wake up to a new world, for better or for worse.

3 thoughts on “Nothing (Day 99/365)

  1. That is only because I rarely have time to get anything of my own done. I’m reduced to being an interpretive artist instead of a creative one. I’m sure that’s the reason. And now you’ve got “Sleigh Ride” running through my head again!! I can only hope you’ve got it in your head too now.

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