Halfway through Milky Way (Day 94/365)

Even though I didn’t have full time at the computer tonight owing to a social event, I have orchestrated more or less halfway through Milky Way. And this time I have an mp3 to prove it.

Lots and lots of tempo glitches in this one, since the orchestral sound is really too large for my laptop to calculate on the fly. Whenever there’s a dropout in the playback, it shows up as a hiccup in the recording.

Still, it sounds nice. I’m sure it will evolve further.

By the way, is anyone writing their novel this month?

One thought on “Halfway through Milky Way (Day 94/365)

  1. Writing my novel? No, but David “Big Dave” Francis (whom you met at GHP this summer) and a former GHP Com Arts student (’05), Danielle Davis, are both active participants.

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