Not a lot (Day 81/365)

I didn’t create a lot today. I designed and started a spiffy display in the display case at school for the 100 Book Club, but nothing on William Blake or anything like that.

Since Grayson is home for fall break, we went to the Georgia Aquarium and then to eat at the Pleasant Peasant, so that’s where that time went.

The Georgia Aquarium is quite spectacular, although design-wise I much prefer the Tennessee Aquarium. Georgia’s big show, the whale shark tank, is huge, and I like the fact that you get multiple views of it, and that there are places to sit and just watch, something that Tennessee really could use for its biggie, the Gulf tank. Tennessee has more written material with each exhibit, but Georgia uses staffers (mostly volunteer) to answer questions and to engage the audience.

The main design issue with Georgia Aquarium is the great atrium. It really does look like a food court, and I don’t think the colorful facades of each attraction “pod” are going to age well. It’s also very loud.

Still, it’s worth the trip, because aquariums are always beautiful.

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