Tiger, Tiger (Day 78/365)

I’ve always liked 14. The Tiger Asks Blake for a Bedtime Story. It’s such a sweet little scenario, the tiger with his tummy-ache asking for Blake to soothe his pain. Of course, Blake responds with the gleefully perverse Tale of the Tailor, but that’s another posting.

This is one of those pieces I composed very early, so it’s at least twenty years old. It was always very, very simple in its approach. However, as I was scoring the section where the tiger admits his fault and appeals to Blake, I discovered some interesting harmonies that I suppose were implied. They’re there now. Maybe later in rehearsal we’ll throw them all out and just use the bass line, as in the piano score, but for right now I’m kind of digging them.

Herewith, the piano score and the orchestrated mp3 of 14. The Tiger Asks Blake for a Bedtime Story.

And here concludes all the work I can do using the Garritan Personal Orchestra within Finale. The four remaining large pieces will have to be done using the Softsynth instruments, which are certainly not shabby in the least. However, they’re not as lively, and I will be missing some instruments and some control. Who knows? Maybe I’ll splurge on a new computer.

The other milestone we’ve reached here is that I can finally get the CD and score mailed to Nancy Willard. I promised it to her some weeks ago; after telling her I wanted to clean up some of the piano score sound files, I got wrapped up in the actual orchestration. Oh well, this is certainly better.

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