Struggling (Day 72/365)

I worked on Sun & Moon Circus, but I just can’t get the orchestration right. It’s too shrill, when it should be lightly spooky and then raucous at the end. I will persevere.

Other work today: put up some 100 Book Club teaser thingies, which look like this:

They’re six inches tall and three feet wide and there are a couple dozen of them all over the school. Children are beginning to wonder.

I put together a FAQ brochure for students, and a checklist for teachers, challenging them to see if they would be members of the 100 Book Club. (With trepidation, I checked off mine: I had read 159 of the 500+ books. Whew.)

I also worked more on the New York trip page of the Masterworks Chorale. That’s been fun to put together. If you have any suggestions for that page, please email me.

2 thoughts on “Struggling (Day 72/365)

  1. With apologies because it’s probably appeared in some detail on the blog before & I’ve missed it… but… would you please send me the link to the “introductory page” for the 100 Book Club?

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