More Wise Cow (Day 70/365)

And I wasn’t through with it. I went back and listened again and worked to lighten the opening up. I added a measure at the beginning and stripped the strings out of the first bits, just leaving the muted violas to move into the woodwind motif at the end of the phrase.

Is the marimba the right instrument for the bass line? I may try a muted cello. It’s just that with the synthesized orchestra, there is not the delicacy that I know a live player could attain. (Just listen to the way the violas just shut off in the first three measures, ack!) Right, Stephen?

At any rate, here’s the updated mp3 of 7. The Wise Cow Enjoys a Cloud. It’s still not playing the rallentando at the end, and the Adagio should kick in on the harp’s glissando, but I can’t seem to make the tempo changes stick.

One thought on “More Wise Cow (Day 70/365)

  1. Dale!

    I can’t find an email address for you, so I’m leaving you a comment on your fabulous blog. I’m so glad to have a link to you again.

    I live in New York City now, and would love to hear from you! Email me anytime.

    Much love,

    Jenifer Doran

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