Others doing work (Day 36/365)

You would think that I would have accomplished something on today, the 10% marker, but I didn’t really. I took a stab at adding another line or two to the poem:

What? The image, the idea won’t
clear itself, resolve: these orchards don’t
have anything to do with how we live
in any area but this. I give
my head a little shake. So what possessed
the Georgia Legislature to suggest

this thing? A hoped-for triumph over time,
this place, this culture, or some other kind
of booster shit? I rather think the latter.

But I think that hardly counts. (The next line will probably end with matter, of course.)

In the meantime, I explored some sites that have the same impulse as I, only a little more focused and a lot more successful:

Some are more successful than others, of course. Some are quite nice.

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