Music (Day 22/365)

So tonight I just farted around with music. I opened up a string quartet document, threw in some whole notes, played with chord progressions, and limited myself to eight measures. I played with crescendos, with articulations, and then moved on.

I changed tempo, key, and time signature. I threw in the main theme from the symphony and played with that as a string quartet theme, adding a lilting viola accompaniment.

Most of it sucked, and I’m leaving it where it lies. Next!

One thought on “Music (Day 22/365)

  1. So if the academic approach leaves you cold…

    Try working by paradox and start by writing a line which leaves you cold…

    Speaking of academic, I’ve come around to thinking that harmonic progessions do not necessarily support or explain a music of polyphonic voices. So often it is the passing notes in a line, the notes not found in the “chord” of the moment, which bestow true interest to the music. Hindemith’s system always seemed a nice compromise; less focus on chords and more on intervals and their relative strenghts, etc. In jazz it’s especially easy to get stuck in a chord progression mentality. But having said that, if you are still learning (as I am), thinking about use of the V7 of V7 or the V7 of IV can certainly make you feel like your opening it all up and “learning the language.”

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