Here we go!

Those of you, and I think there must be… oh, two?, who have been following my ranting over on the Curriculum Liberation Front blog on Blogger will not be surprised to find that I’ve moved the whole thing over here to my website, where I can actually do more with it. Look: categories! Pages! Links!

I just got this up and running this morning, so expect to see changes… Actually, that’s a hoot, since no one will even know of the existence of this place for a few days! I’m talking to you as if you exist, and you can’t possibly exist, dear reader, until I create you. Hey, Marc, is that post- enough for us all?

added this afternoon: To make it even more post-, I’ve moved all my Curriculum Liberation Front posts from my blog over here and given them their original timestamp. So at the moment, the bulk of the postings have been posted before this blog even was created. Kewl.

One thought on “Here we go!

  1. It took me a few minutes, but I started figuring out how to navigate the site yesterday. It’s bookmarked now; I look forward to future entires, particularly in curriculum. (Oh, and lest you forget, I not only recommenedStrange and Norrel, which I’m almost done with, GYPSY ROSE LEE it’s good!. but also the Martel. Note that I am taking a different tact in the AIDS class this year and will be teaching Helskinki Roccamatios. Also, I didn’t know you were interested in the Heaney Beowulf. Let me ask you a favor: WAIT on it. Don’t read it until this summer or later. I’ll explain why at the curriculum weekend.

    Look forward to more!


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