Restating the question

Every once in a while, I’ll restate our overriding question just to see if we’ve made any progress.

What is the role of the media center in the curriculum, especially the new GPS curriculum?

Last winter, the media specialists in Coweta County got some ideas together for a strategic plan for this issue. We didn’t get very far, but you can see what we did get here.

I think the most interesting part is on the Strategic Visions & Goals page. (Can anyone tell me why this process never went any further?) On that page, we defined our strategic vision of ourselves as media specialists in the following terms:

We see ourselves…

  • as teachers
  • as leaders in the new curriculum
  • as instructional consultants for our teachers
  • participating in the roll-out as partners in the curriculum design and implementation process
  • promoting reading in a variety of ways
  • designing level-appropriate research instruction
  • utilizing collaborative planning rubrics and assessment
  • bridging the gap between curriculum and information literacy

So… are we doing any of this yet? If you are, please take the time to share what you’re doing at your school. It helps to know that others are acting on our strategic vision of ourselves.

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