Easy Answers

In November 2016, I began emailing my congressional representatives about every concern I was having about the presumptive president-elect [PPE] and his antics.  This is a handy summary of all the questions and any responses I might have gotten.

The question (linked to the original post)Sen. Johnny IsaksonSen. David PerdueRep. Drew Ferguson
Do you agree with the presumptive president-elect’s position that the U.S. should waterboard its prisoners?no response11/30/16 (via phone message): "pass along my concerns to the senator"
12/6/16 (via phone call): opposed to waterboarding
not in office yet
11/24/16: Do you agree that the PPE can run his businesses simultaneously handling the duties of the office?no responseno responsenot in office yet
11/24/16: Do you share DOE nominee Betsy Devos's anti-public school sentiments, and do you plan to vote to confirm her?no response, but a form email after he voted to confirm herno response; voted to confirmnot in office yet
11/28/16: Do you share your colleagues' view on investigating Sec. Clinton's "foreign entanglements," and do you intend to apply the same ethical standard to the presumptive president-elect’s business affairs?12/8/16: Johnny Isakson avoided the question with an incredibly stupid automated answer.no responsenot in office yet
11/29/16: Would you vote for legislation which stripped an American of citizenship for participating in an unpopular form of protest?no response12/2/16: Apparently he does support stripping Americans of their citizenship for protestingnot in office yet
12/5/16: Do you agree with Kellyanne Conway that the presumptive president-elect’s [tweeting] behavior is de facto “presidential”?no responseno responsenot in office yet
12/5/16: Do the presumptive president-elect’s tweets re: China concern you?no responseno responsenot in office yet
12/10/16: Do you approve of the PPE continuing his role with his reality TV show Celebrity Apprentice?no responseno responsenot in office yet
12/21/16: Do you agree that the president-elect should be allowed to ignore federal ethics rules?no responseno responsenot in office yet
12/24/16: Do you agree that our nation should spend its resources on re-triggering the nuclear arms race?no responseno responsenot in office yet
12/31/16: Should the president-elect be taunting his "enemies"?no responseno responsenot in office yet
1/6/17: Do you have data which supports building the "wall" on the border with Mexico?no responseno response3/10/17: phone call from Mary Cristina, letting me know that as a newbie, Rep. Ferguson has not formulated a position on immigration yet.
1/18/17: What is your plan to protect the healthcare gains we have made?no responseno responseno response
1/30/17: Do you support the president's decision to sideline the Joint Chiefs of Staff?no responseno responseno response
2/9/17: Would you support a new nuclear arms race?no responseno responsenot emailed; wouldn't be in the loop of any treaties
2/18/17: Will you denounce the President's tweet calling our free press "the enemy of the American People"?no responseno responseno response