Act II

The Countess [Brenda Barry-Weaver] reclines in sorrow as she sings to the god of love to let her die.

Cherubino [Andrew Kreeger] sings the song he wrote, "Ladies, confide in me," as Susanna [Rachel Gordon] and the Countess look on in amusement.

"We'll plan your femininity," Susanna sings as they move forward with their plan to disguise Cherubino as a girl.

"Absolutely ravishing!" proclaims Susanna.

"Think carefully!" the Count [Dale Lyles] warns the Countess as Susanna looks on, concerned that he's going to hit her. The topic under discussion: who's hiding in the closet?

"Let me go!" Cherubino demands as Susanna tries to dissuade him from jumping from the window. But he does, in a tremendous headfirst leap.

Both the Count and Countess are stunned to find that it actually is Susanna in the closet, rather than the pageboy as the Countess confessed.

"What's this drooping sword, sir?" Susanna taunts the Count as she emerges from the closet.

The gardener Antonio [Lamar Payne] drunkenly explains that while he's used to people throwing all their trash out the windows, this time they've gone too far: "Someone threw a whole man into view!"

Figaro [Scott Beckom] confesses that it was he who was hiding in the closet and jumped through the window, and "pulled all the... things... in my... knee!"

When challenged to explain why the page's commission was found in the garden, after Figaro supposedly jumped, Figaro triumphantly sings that "it's the custom for you, sir, to sign it!"

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